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A Magic Show for Their Anniversary

When my sister and I started planning our parent’s surprise anniversary party, we wanted to do something that would make it really memorable. We thought about the different things we could do, such as hiring a band, having it at an amusement park, or something similar. My husband told me we should look into magician hire for London area, and we both thought that was brilliant. Our parents both love watching magic programs on TV, but we didn’t think they had ever been to one in person. Rather than buying them tickets for one, we decided to bring the magic to their party.

We did a search for magicians in the area, and that is how we found out about Paul Martin. We looked at the pictures on his site as well as the testimonials, and we knew that this was the right move. We contacted them to see if he would be available on the date of the party, and he was. Truth be told, we would have moved the date of the party to accommodate his schedule, that is how much we wanted him there to entertain and amaze our mom and dad.

On the night of their surprise party, they truly were amazed when Paul came to their table and made a bottle of champagne disappear. That was just the beginning too! He performed quite a few tricks and illusions, and he had everyone laughing at his fun personality too. While he did devote a lot of time to Mom and Dad’s table, he also made sure that other guests were just as entertained, going to and from different tables with his magic tricks. I knew that this was going to be a great night, but I had no idea it was going to be as fantastic as it was!

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