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A Safe Way to See the Countryside of Spain

My daughter is graduating from college this coming June. She and her friends want to take a vacation backpacking across parts of Europe. Of course, my main concern is their safety and I wanted to see if I could help them find a safe way to do this. After doing a little bit of research I found a company that offers walking holidays in Spain. This seemed to be a pretty safe alternative than just aimlessly hiking around in a foreign country. This company offers guided walks/hikes in addition to hotel accommodations and all meals are included.

Free transfers to and from the airport are available. This will take them directly to the hotel which is located in the 16th-century village of Parcent. The village itself is going to be exciting for them to explore with its array of local shops, bars, and restaurants. The mother in me is going to worry about if all of them are going to eat enough. Well, that is another thing that is taken care of. They will start the day off with a healthy breakfast and end it with a four-course meal every night. They even provide boxed lunches to take with them on their daily walks.

All of the walks are guided walks. This eases my mind knowing that they will not be in any imminent danger by exploring places that may be too dangerous for them. There is even a page on this website where they list important facts about what you should pack for this holiday. I am thoroughly convinced that this will be a safe and exciting vacation for my daughter and her friends. I’m going to share all of my findings with my daughter tonight over dinner. I sure do hope that she will keep an open mind and consider this walking holiday for her trip overseas.

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