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A Toronto Wedding in Style

With our daughter making her wedding arrangements, my husband and I helped out by looking into transportation options. We stumbled over dream night limousine and made the decision to go with them. They have quite the track record here in Toronto transporting people to all sorts of activities. My husband and I weren’t very happy using a limo for the service, however, because we wanted something simpler. Our daughter did too. She didn’t want a lot of bells and whistles with her wedding as she’s pretty low key and doesn’t go for the over the top stuff. She clips coupons even when she doesn’t really need to do it.

Her soon to be husband’s family, however, comes from money so they wanted a limo service to transport the couple away from the church and to the reception. They’re very particular about presenting a certain image to their friends and family and they insisted on hiring the limousine service. We offered to cover the cost as they were picking up a large portion of the total cost of the wedding. You can’t complain about that! Considering how many people were coming to the service and reception, it was a blessing let me tell you!

So we hired dream night limousine and we were pleasantly pleased with their professional service. The vehicle that arrived to take my daughter and her soon to be husband to the church was an exemplar of luxury. The vehicle had a sun roof, a mirrored ceiling, and even a mini-bar. I warned my daughter not to partake too heavily in that last one because we didn’t want her stumbling and falling at the service! I have to say we made the right decision hiring this company. They got our couple to the church and reception quickly and safely. Definitely worth hiring again.

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