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Catching a Criminal in the Act

I hate when restaurants will open up locations in areas that surround mine, but won’t come here. One pizza restaurant in particular did this, and I was so mad. I decided to take matters into my own hands by opening a franchise of this restaurant. For a while, it was great. I could have the pizza I wanted, while making money from the restaurant. Then one day the restaurant was robbed after closing time. The thieves broke in and only took money from the cash register. After that, I looked into getting one of those CCTV kits to keep an eye on the restaurant.

The robbery was horrible, but it wasn’t the end of my store. All of the money wasn’t stored in the cash register. There was a safe in the back of the restaurant that was used to store money temporarily, until it could be deposited. Since the robber didn’t know about the safe, all he did was take cash from the most visible source. While doing this, he tripped an alarm and the police were notified. By the time the police got there, the robber was gone, leaving only broken glass and an opened register behind.

After installing the CCTV into the restaurant, everything went back to business as usual. The broken glass was repaired, the cash register fixed, and pizza was served to the masses. I had a feeling that the robber would be back someday, so I just waited. One month later, the robber tried to get more cash from the restaurant again, but this time the police caught him, and so did the CCTV. He was a middle aged man who had been in and out of jail before for other various crimes. This time he picked the wrong crime to commit, because he wasn’t getting away.

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