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I Have Been Doing Some Shooting

I have been working to establish some new relationships with clients this weekend. I went clay shooting in Bristol along the southern shore of England. In fact that is a lot bigger of a deal that you would think that it is if you were from the USA. In Texas they have some crazy people who go to Denny’s with their assault rifles and it is perfectly legal. They are making some sort of weird political statement about the second amendment. They do not have that over here in the UK. You do not have the right to bear arms and you do not have obscene levels of firearms violence either. People are killed by firearms, but it is exceeding rare. Of course in our country you have cities where the numbers of murders is in excess of six hundred and nearly all of them are with sidearms. Now in fact a lot of the drug gangs are using rifles, because they are more effective obviously and just as easy to get hold of.

In this country about the biggest thing that you can get hold of, at least easily (in a relative sense of that word) is a shotgun and you can not easily get hold of the sort of ammunition that would bring a man down down. At least that is how I understand it. I get shotgun slugs and buck shot at the hardware store. It is not a big deal. They know me there and they do not even ask to see my driver’s license some of the time, they have already seen the thing. Of course you can buy long weapons at any Wal Mart in the country. Oddly I have seen that they some times do not sell you an axe in some of the Wal Marts.

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