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Limos and Private Jets Are Perks to Being a Security Expert

Not much can make you actually feel more important to a client than to be flown in by private jet and met at the runway by a big SUV limousine driven by a professional driver. Not only that, they told me the limo and drivers were at my disposal for the week I was expected to be there. I told them I would be done in four days, but they gave me a week. Computers are not a problem for me. Security breaches are not either. The limo from and the Lear jet are perks I could get used to though.

They got me to where their main server farm was pretty fast. They are not keen on revealing that info, and I would not be either. They even had the limo driver wait in the parking lot. He was cool with that, but I told him I would just call him to pick me up when I was done for the day. The reason there are people who pay guys like me to secure things is because there are counterparts to me that have an arrogant agenda of exposing and exploiting vulnerabilities.

Most people do not realize it but big companies and search engines have server farms spread out in different geographic locations. The hope is to survive multiple physical or digital intrusions. An earthquake or tornado might take out one or more farms, but there are redundant ones spread out elsewhere. If a whole country goes down, then there are off-site systems operational elsewhere. Doomsday prep is what I call it. However, the big threats are the sniffers who poke at systems looking for ways to exploit the tiniest security holes. I plug those holes as they are discovered. Sometimes even before they are discovered. Since commerce by computers is the economy, corporations will pay to keep it flowing.

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