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Passing on My Hobby to My Daughter

Considering my decades long penchant for clay shooting, it was practically inevitable I would attempt to pass on my love for this engaging hobby to my children. I always imagined sharing many days at the range with my son, teaching him to love this passion as much as I have over the years. I caught the bug from my own father, who was quite skillful with a shotgun and won several awards many decades ago in the sport. My plans ran into a bit of a hitch when my wife gave me a daughter rather than a son.

But who cares? Women can shoot just as well as the men and I have met many women over the years who are as enthusiastic about this sport as I am. Women engaging in clay shooting do use different firearms and need different types of instruction, however, so I made sure to engage the services of the shooting facility I go to quite often to make sure my daughter learned the proper techniques that would help her maximize her abilities. My daughter seemed hesitant at first, but the instructor soon won her over with an easy manner and an obvious talent for shooting.

It is fascinating to watch your child quickly master skills in your hobby that took you years to master. She seems a natural and is now positively enraptured by the sport. It seems we’re down at the facility every weekend picking the clay pigeons out of the sky. She’s quickly moving up to higher towers and I have received nothing but compliments from the other shooters and the staff about her abilities. It’s marvelous to spend time with her in this way and the only thing both of us really wish for is that my wife would come down and join us!

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