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Planning the Best Party Ever

When I was tasked with the entertainment portion of a corporate event, I knew just what I wanted to do. I did a quick search for mix and mingle entertainment to get the name of the company that I wanted. I had heard so many good things about them, but I had yet to be lucky enough to be at an event where they had performers doing one thing or another. Since there will be people of all ages at this event, I wanted something that would entertain the children as well as the adults.

Some people may think that it is near impossible for two age groups that are so far apart to enjoy the same kind of entertainment, but I knew that this company would have something for everyone. They did not disappoint when I looked at their website. I was really happy to see that there were dozens of different acts that I could get. The really neat thing about this site is that I was able to click on a link that showed all of the different acts they have. When I would come across one that I wanted more information on, I just had to click on the picture.

That would bring me to another screen that gave an in depth explanation of what each act does. For instance, the bubbleologists are more than people who just blow bubbles at people. They have set world records and can even put up to 50 people in a bubble. They can do bubbles that are on fire, and bubbles that glow. This page also explains how long the performances are. I have yet to decide everything I am going to have as of right now, but I can guarantee that this is going to be the best party most of these people have been to!

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