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Putting a Great Product Idea on a Website

Our daughter had a great idea for a product. She took some scrap lumber from the framing of our outdoor garden shed and had us cut it exactly five inches long. My friend Ruiz Morgan cut a whole bunch of them. She then took some flat white paint and flat black paint and expertly painted the pieces of wood after she sanded them. Then she stenciled sayings on them and embellished with some freehand painting. They were little desk signs. She sold a hundred of them, so we got a web designer in Bristol to make her a website to sell them online.

Now we offer display stands and there is a sticker on the back of each one with her business name and a barcode for pricing. Her product is now pretty much available anywhere due to being online, and she sells a lot of them. It is the sayings she comes up with that sell them. It is like a meme for your desk at work or at home. People put them everywhere. I see my relatives use them on mantles and coffee tables and more. My mother has one on her kitchen counter next to her fresh basil plant. It is all kinds of different encouraging and funny sayings our daughter comes up with painted on pieces of framing lumber. The wood is pine. She has some that are offered in oak that are sanded and stained nicely before they are polyurethaned.

I never thought that they would be as popular as they are. We took pictures of each design and they are all on her website. You can order with a credit card or through all kinds of different online payment methods. It is amazing how many of these sell. I don’t think we have one saying that is not at least a decent seller. Some of them we can barely keep in stock. The website really helps boost her sales high.

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