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Things Feel Peaceful Around My House Once Again

I rarely worried about my safety all in the past, but that changed once I found a Peeping Tom at my window one night. It really scared me and it made me think about how many times I have done things like left windows and doors open late at night. I asked my husband if we could install an IP camera system after that, and he was in agreement that it would be a good idea. He knows how do that sort of thing, so he handled it all by himself. I feel better knowing that the system he put in helps me to have more control over what happens around my house.

The good news is that the Peeping Tom has never come back. I know this because I check the camera and the footage often. I’m so happy to know he hasn’t come back. However, I know after talking to other neighbors that he has showed up to their houses. Many of them are now installing cameras as their own homes as a result. We have all made reports with our local police department to let them know that there has been a suspicious man who has been lurking around homes where he has no business being. So far, 6 different people on our street have seen him peeping into windows.

The camera system was put in, I decided it would also be a good idea to put an alarm system in. My husband called someone to come handle that for us. We got a great deal on it. Between the alarm and the camera, I feel safe once again. Before these two things were installed, I found myself feeling quite nervous at night. I did not like that at all. That feeling is now gone! No one should ever have to worry in their own home.

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